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Construction - Specifications: Molded Panel Hollow Core

Specifications: 3 Ply construction. Meets or exceeds industry standards of WDMA I.S.1.
Lay Up Method: Loose
Maximum Sizes: Width - 3/0; Length - 8/0 *Certain styles only*
Thickness: 1-3/8” and 1-3/4” ONLY
Stiles: MDF on only 1-3/8” Thickness & 6/8 Length; FJ Softwood option on 1-3/8” and 1-3/4” Thickness, to 8/0 length; Width = 1” Nominal, 13/16” Minimum after prefit size.
Rails: 1-3/8” Thickness = MDF, 1-5/8” Nominal, 1” Minimum after undercut 1-3/4” Thickness = MDF, 2-1/4” Nominal, 1” Minimum after undercut 2” Nominal Bottom rail available on 1-3/8 Thickness (DBR)
Core: Cellular Honeycomb build up pads.
Lock Blocks: Double 3” x 10” Particleboard (28lb) as standard.
Faces: Primed MDF Molded Panel, Single ply
Adhesive: Type-1 PVA, Interior installation only.
Machining: To Specification
Lites: N/A
Louvers: N/A
Acoustical Rating: N/A
Warranty: Standard two year. See limited warranty for details. *No warranty for Telegraphing*
Description Abbreviations: (FP-1-3/8) = 1-3/8” Thick, MDF Stiles (FJ-1-3/8) = 1-3/8” Thick, FJ Softwood Stiles (FJ-1-3/4) = 1-3/4” Thick, FJ Softwood Stiles
Recommended Use: Residential and Light Commercial

*See molded skin selection guide for all panel elevation designs.